When the Prime Minister was directly asked in Question Time today why he had not made child care a priority in the Budget, he had the audacity to answer without even mentioning the term “child care” once.

Instead Malcolm Turnbull waffled on for 440 words, without a single mention of child care.


It shows how out of touch Mr Turnbull is, when he answers a serious question about child care without bringing himself to mention child care.


For families struggling with growing out of pocket costs and longer waiting lists under the Liberals, last night’s Budget was a bitter blow as they will be forced to wait another two years for any relief.


The least Malcolm Turnbull could do is own up to the fact that early education and care is simply not a priority for his Government.


In last night’s Budget, Mr Turnbull gave multinationals a tax cut rather than deliver the promised help for families dealing with rising child care costs.


This Government weas elected on a promise to make child care more affordable and accessible  and instead they are setting a record for total inaction and instability in the sector which unfortunately is going to make life harder for thousands of working parents.

They will now go to the election with nothing on the table for parents struggling with child care fees under their watch.