The Government’s announcement of a review of VET regulation is long overdue – and Labor is calling on Malcolm Turnbull to ensure it leads to real improvements in the sector.

Labor welcomes the appointment of Professor Valerie Braithwaite, a respected expert, to lead the review.

It’s essential this is a genuine, credible attempt to retrieve the reputation of the VET system, which in recent years has been trashed by unethical practices and systematic rorting.

The review must go beyond a shallow assessment of the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

The Government must make sure the terms of reference address ways the structure and regulation of the system can be improved so that only the highest quality providers can deliver services and get access to public funding.

We need a system that drives excellence, not merely compliance. We need a regulator that is strong enough to make sure that every single qualification is recognised and valued by industry, and to get rid of dodgy low-quality providers once and for all.    

This review comes after ASQA itself identified that in key sectors like early childhood and aged care the competitive training market has become a “race to the bottom”. Students and the community deserve better.

That is why Labor will reverse Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts to VET funding and guarantee at least two-thirds of public funding for TAFE – the most trusted VET provider in the country.