Reports today show just how much work this Government has cut out for them in reforming Australia’s vocational education and training sector. 

The latest National Centre for Vocational Education Research report has detailed how Australian taxpayers are forking out billions to support student loans, while dodgy providers have been left unchecked to prey on vulnerable students and charge exorbitant fees for courses they cannot hope to complete. 

Labor knows that reform is long overdue. We have tried to work with the Government to bring about sustainable changes that will support providers and students who are doing the right thing. 

But it is becoming clear that the Government does not understand the extent of the problems within the sector – and worse, they do not have a clear plan to fix it. Providers are still facing uncertainty over course lists and cost capping arrangements.

We have been calling on the Prime Minister to step in and ensure the Government gets its act together for weeks. 

With only three weeks left until the Government’s reforms are due to commence on January 1,  Malcolm Turnbull’s time is running out. 

Vocational education providers, students and Australian taxpayers deserve more than another half-baked scheme from a Government unwilling to listen or collaborate.