The list of unanswered questions on the Government's child care changes continues to expand, with new concerns that working parents and vulnerable children could lose their places in the child care system.

As reported today, the Government is considering scrapping priority access guidelines that ensure vulnerable children and children with working parents get first access.

We already know that the Government’s child care changes will make it harder for parents – especially those working casually and part-time – to get back into the workforce.

We also know that Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison’s new child care restrictions will see some children locked out of early education altogether, while others will have their access cut in half.

Shadow Minister for Early Childhood, Kate Ellis, said the child care changes should expand access to early education, not restrict it.

"There are far too many questions remaining about the Government's child care package - including who will be worse off," she said.

"Tony Abbott said that he wouldn't be repairing his Budget at the expense of the family budget, but one in four families will be up to $1,880 worse off as a result of the changes.

"And now those children and families who need access to child care the most are set to no longer have priority access.

"From the outset Labor has said that changes to the child care system need to make care more affordable and accessible for families, and protect vulnerable and disadvantaged children.

"Labor has been asking for months who will be worse off under the changes, but the Government still has not released basic information.

"Families know they can't trust this Government, and they deserve proper answers."